Obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

Citizenship of Ukraine is a legal relationship between an individual and Ukraine, which is reflected in their mutual rights and responsibilities.

✅ Grounds for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship:

1) by birth;
2) by territorial origin;
3) as a result of admission to citizenship;
4) as a result of renewal of citizenship;
5) as a result of adoption;
6) as a result of the establishment of guardianship or custody of the child, placement of the child in a children’s institution or health care institution, in a family-type orphanage or a foster family or transfer for upbringing to a foster family;
7) as a result of establishing guardianship over a person declared incapable by a court;
8) in connection with the stay in the citizenship of Ukraine of one or both parents of the child;
9) as a result of recognition of paternity or maternity or establishment of the fact of paternity or maternity;
10) on other grounds provided by international agreements of Ukraine.

✅ Required documents:

Depending on the grounds for acquiring the citizenship of Ukraine, the relevant documents specified in p. 45-51 of the Procedure for proceedings on applications and submissions on citizenship of Ukraine and implementation of decisions, approved by the Decree of the President of Ukraine “Issues of organization of implementation of the Law of Ukraine” On Citizenship of Ukraine “.

✅ Term of acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine from 8 – 18 months.

❓What is included in our service?

Lawyers of the Legal Segment Law Firm:
– will advise you on acquiring Ukrainian citizenship in your specific situation;
– prepare all necessary documents;
– will control each stage of acquisition of citizenship;
– organize a meeting in the State Migration Service, the Security Service of Ukraine and other bodies.

❗You will receive

Acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine (Lviv, Odessa), acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine (Lviv, Odessa) carried out by our law firm “Legal Segment” is guaranteed to take place as soon as possible. Our comprehensive and systematic approach to obtaining Ukrainian citizenship will be the key to spending your time and money effectively. Each of our actions is committed within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine.

Documents you will receive:
1. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
2. Certificate of citizenship of Ukraine;
3. Other documents depending on your grounds;
4. Written consultation of our lawyers.

The cost is UAH 12,160 🚀


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